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Mel is the playful little sister brand to Melissa. Their shoes aim to capture the innocence of our childhoods involving many familiar concepts from pocket sweets to the vivid imagination of our childhood selves.

Indulging in the attitude that if you can imagine it you can definitely mould it out of plastic, Mel have a huge following of all ages that is driven to love this hugely fashionable and innocently cute brand’s footwear. When we think about plastic, it is hard not to think back to our favourite toys as a child. Now we see it take flight in the world of fashion, using those many toys as inspirations.

Mel value being eco-friendly as a top priority and make all their shoes from recycled plastics that are scented and beautifully crafted into the cute and vibrantly imaginative designs that are so popular around the world. They also value being the vegan friendly brand that they are.

Whether it’s a silhouetted boot shape in block colours with varying details or a sandal with a gorgeous little butterfly for the toe-piece, Mel capture the heart of innocence and youth and portray them into lavishing designs of the make-believe we used to cherish from a young age.